Datasheet Appcon RF1276 V 2.0

RF1276 Long Distance Transceiver module V 2.0

  1. andrey
    RF1276 series is a low cost, ultra-low power, high performance transparent two way semi-duplex LoRa
    modulation transceiver with operation at 169/315/433/868/915 Mhz. It integrates with high speed MCU from
    ST and high performance RF IC SX1276. Adopting high efficiency forward error correction with
    interleaving encoding (FEC) technology, it makes anti-interference ability and reception sensitivity greatly
    improved. That guarantees good performance in the harsh environment such as some industrial application.
    The FEC technique is advanced and unique in radio data communication field.
    RF1276 has the UART/RS232/RS485 interface, that make it is easy to implement wireless data
    transmission. It is flexible for users to set the baud rate, frequency, output power, air data rate etc parameters.
    It can transmit transparent data with large data buffer and also can provide over 32 channels. The compact
    size makes it an ideal option for radio data communication application.