Datasheet Hoperf RFM9x Tool User Guide 2016-02-09

Hoperf RFM9x Tool User Guide

  1. andrey
    When using RF module for application design, firstly developers must configure the initial values for all the registers in RF chip. The configured initial values are different under different operating modes, which increase workload and difficulty of developers. In order for developers to quickly obtain the configuration values of all the registers inside chip under different RF parameters, HopeRF launches StarterKit Tool as the on-chip register configuration tool, which can automatically generate the matched register configuration values according to RF parameters set by developers. StarterKit Tool is based on HopeRF RFDK_PIC16_LCD development board for online use. Developers can download the register StarterKit Tool of corresponding module on HopeRF website, install it on upper PC, then connect RFDK_PIC16_LCD development board with upper PC through USB interface, open RFM9x_GUI software interface to write the register configuration values under different RF parameters into RF module through RFDK_PIC16_LCD development board. In this way, developers can test the operational effect and parameter performance of RF module under different RF parameters